Barcode scanner rental solutions for conferences, events, trade shows, and more!

Renting barcode scanners is a simple and cost effective solution to your barcode scanning needs.

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Conference and Seminar Attendance

Track registrants’ attendance at seminars and conferences to accredit continuing education credits, professional development, and payroll records. Generate attendance reports and confirmation of credit receipts.

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Wireless Ticket Validation

Prevent duplicate tickets, fraud, and unauthorized entry at events using barcode ticket scanning. Control access to VIP and restricted areas. Real time event counters for security and fire safety.

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Inventory Counts & Control

A barcode scanner is the best way to count inventory. Rent 4 scanners for inventory counts to complete the job more accurately in a quarter of the time! Generate variance and on hand reports.

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Custom Mobile Solutions

Have a requirement not met by the out-of-the-box solutions?

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