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Chat to a customer service representative now
Prices for 1 week rental Type of scanner
Number of scanners SPT1800 (batch) SPT1846 (WiFi)
• 1 $235 $415
• 4 $655 $1,165
• 8 $1,220 $2,170
• 12 $1,785 $3,175
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Mobile & Barcode Tracking Solutions
Rental Prices and Options
Our out of the box complete solutions come with software
pre-installed on a laptop computer and SPT18xx mobile
barcode scanner configured ready to use out the box.
The easiest way to save time and money!
1. Prices exclude taxes
USA customers are duty free
Taxes applicable in Canada, GST/HST and PST

2. Prices exclude shipping
Return shipping with FedEx, or shipped on your account if you already have a shipper
Additional 1 week allowed for shipping, extended use fees applicable thereafter

3. Duration: Standard duration is 1 week. Request a quote for a longer period

4. Type of scanner:
SPT1800 (batch) scanner and is cost effective mobile data validation and collection
SPT1846 (wireless) scanner is the best tool for live data validation off a central database
We provide wireless Access Points (AP's). Rental kits include 1 AP. $25 per additional

5. Configuration: We print barcode name tags and preload any data you need validated

6. Training and support: We provide free Webex training, and 24/7 helpdesk support
Short Term Rental Prices
Out of the box complete solutions
With 24/7 Helpdesk support you can rest assured that
expert assistance is just a phone call away. You can also
use Live Chat to get immediate online support.
Our Customer Service Promise
Happy customers are vital to the success of our business. We promise
to go over and beyond in our commitment to customer satisfaction. We
offer a money back guarantee on all our products and services. Terms
"They have a gift of making people
happy, you know when they are out of
sight they can be contacted anytime
for help!" Doug Coulthart, Transportion
Supervisor. Read more
Phone: +1 204 926-8526 . Helpdesk: +1 204 391-1752 . Fax: +1 204 926-8501
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Out of the box options simplify your life
Simply unpack, turn on and start using.
Get the task done quicker
with 4, 8 or more scanners
+1 204 926-8526
Standard quantities in multiples of 4, with a 4-slot cradle/charge and cables
All rental kits come complete with a laptop, ezeScan software, and a USB drive to transfer your data
In busy seasons you may want to reserve your scanners ahead of time
Call for a free consultation: +1 204 926-8526
With 24/7 Helpdesk support our team is on your
side and you can rest assured that an expert is
just a phone call away. You can also use Live
Chat to get immediate online support. Get us on
your side and we make sure the job gets done.