Why Use Bar Code Scanners to Track Credits at Your Conference? Here’s a Few Benefits You Didn’t Realize You Were Getting

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Though many professionals weren’t the cut ups in school, or the kids that played hooky; somehow when required to attend company conferences, the tables often seem to turn. This is especially true if the company is holding a conference in a desirable travel destination like Vegas or Hawaii; or expects staff to attend multiple, several hour-long training sessions, to get their required continuing education credits every year.

When faced with temptations to slip out of a the side door like these, you will sometimes find even the most straight-laced professionals playing a few rounds of golf or taking in a comedy show at the Mirage when they’re supposed to be attending a conference.

However, modern technology gives employers and educators the upper hand to put a lid on this kind of behavior. Though part of the fun of attending out-of-town conferences is to enjoy the locale, employees should still do this on their down time.

Instead of keeping manual records this year, use our barcode scanners to most accurately track credits at your conference. Many business owners and educators don’t realize that in addition to:

  • Quickly tracking arrivals,
  • Generating attendance reports, and
  • Confirming continuing education credit receipts and professional development credit receipts

…Our scanners can also:

  • Generate lists of people who were supposed to attend sessions that did not attend,
  • Give you an accurate detail of when people arrived at sessions and when they left,
  • Improve attendee accountability with indisputable tracking records, and
  • Give any attendee that can produce his barcode ID, physical proof of his attendance records

In addition, we also understand that conferences and training sessions are intensely hectic times for any manager in charge, and everyone else behind the scenes. However, when you rent our scanners, they work as soon as you turn them on. There’s nothing to program or figure out. They come pre-loaded with your list of attendees and the appropriate laptop machine, pre-loaded with software in every rental box. You never have to worry that you have the wrong tablet, smartphone or laptop to use our products.

Contact us today! We’ve been making life easier for busy conference and event coordinators like yourself for many years. We offer reliable, simple to use products and prompt, professional service every time.

Interspan Inc.Why Use Bar Code Scanners to Track Credits at Your Conference? Here’s a Few Benefits You Didn’t Realize You Were Getting