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Barcode rental solutions made to fit your needs

Rent barcode scanner solutions in complete barcode rental kits. Easy to use barcode software for Inventory tracking, asset inventory audits, attendance tracking, and QR code ticket check-in solutions. Read more...

See how renting barcode scanners can save you time and money...

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Renting barcode scanners is simple and cost effective.

Barcode rental kits for:

  • Inventory barcode scanners

  • Fixed asset barcode scanners

  • Ticket barcode scanners

  • Name Badge Barcode Scanners

  • Inventory Count Barcode Scanners

  • Warehouse Barcode Scanners

Inventory Tracking

Complete barcode tracking solution for inventory. Wireless inventory barcode apps for receive, pack-away, transfer, count, pick, pack and ship. Easy to use inventory barcode scanners for inventory control.

Ticket Barcode Scanner Rentals

QR Code Ticket Scanners

Rent wireless QR code ticket scanners to scan QR code tickets at events. Wireless barcode ticket scanners increase security and control. Easy to use and setup. Scan ticket QR codes and barcodes at entrances and VIP access control points. 


Asset Inventory Audits has the best fixed asset barcode scanners and software for asset inventory tracking. Rent fixed asset barcode software to scan asset barcodes for fixed asset inventory audits.


Event Attendance Tracking

Track registrants’ attendance at seminars and conferences to accredit continuing education credits, professional development, and payroll records. Generate attendance reports and confirmation of credit receipts. 


Warehouse Inventory Counts

A barcode scanner is the best way to count inventory. Rent additional scanners for inventory counts to complete the job more accurately in a quarter of the time! Real-time on hand and variance reports.


Custom Barcode Apps

With many years of experience developing barcode applications and software let us develop a custom
built solution to fit your barcode tracking project requirements perfectly. 

Smart Barcode Rental Solutions Made Save You Time & Money.

Easy to use smart barcode solutions in convenient rental kits. Simply unpack, plug-in, and start scanning. Rent barcode scanners today and save!

Save time and eliminate guesswork choosing and configuring barcode hardware and software with convenient all-in-one rental solutions.

Save money and protect against constantly changing technology. Rent barcode scanner solutions at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining new QR / 2D barcode scanners.

Easy to use and reliable barcode rental solutions


Complete your count accurately in half the time with a wireless inventory barcode scanner.


Streamline and secure entry to your next event with a wireless ticket barcode scanner.


A name badge barcode scanner makes it easy to track attendance at conferences and seminars.


Purpose Built Robust Barcode Scanning Solutions

Our clients expect their barcode solutions to work 24/7 on secure wireless networks often in the most extreme conditions with no public Wi-Fi or internet.


With over 20 years experience designing and building wireless barcode solutions we know how to make wireless barcode solutions to fit your needs.


If you have your own custom barcode system in mind we can help with that too. We make it easy to rent barcode scanner solutions!

Find out how much you can save by renting your barcode scanners.

Our clients depend on us to setup and configure all the wireless equipment, handheld barcode scanners, computers, micro-servers, and barcode software. In addition we train all users and provide excellent 24/7 help desk with remote support.

If you have more than 500 items to count, or attendees at your event, an internet smartphone app is slow and unreliable :( you need a robust purpose built wireless barcode solution :) Rent barcode scanner solutions and save!

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Barcode Scanner Rental Kits Made To Fit Your Needs