Attendance Barcode Tracking Solutions | Complete Barcode Rental Kits

Barcode rental kits for attendance tracking at conferences and seminars.

Rent attendance barcode scanners and name badge barcode tracking software in complete and easy to use name badge barcode scanner rental kits.

Track employees, customers, members and registrants attending seminars and conferences.

  • Issue a barcode name badge at registration

  • Record attendance in each workshop

  • Maintain electronic and attendance records

  • Generate accreditation certificates and receipts

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Barcode scanners to track attendance at conferences and seminars


The system will quickly and accurately track registration and attendance at sessions and workshops. Educational credits and professional development records can be stored in a stand alone database or imported into your existing system. We supply barcode name tags for registered attendees. 

Rent a complete solution that comes with software pre-installed on a laptop computer and rugged wireless barcode scanners configured ready to use out of the box. Get the task done quicker with 4 or more scanners. The simplest way to save time and money!

Out the box solutions to simplify your life

>> Simply unpack, turn on and start using.

Track registered attendees, employees, customer and members attending workshops, seminars and conferences. Simply scan attendee barcodes when they enters or exit a seminar or workshop.

  • Quickly and accurately account for all attendees at seminars and conferences.

  • Import a list of registered attendees for data validation.

  • Manage an unlimited number of attendee records.

  • List each course or credit assigned to each delegate.

  • Generate a list of registrants that did not attend.

  • Create custom name badges with barcode ID's.

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Complete Barcode Scanning Solutions For Attendance Tracking

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