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1.   Scanner Options:

  All handheld barcode scanners are standard with the following features

rugged drop proof water resistant.png

Rugged drop proof and water resistant

extended use battery

extended battery packs


802.11 (n) wireless connectivity

Input options:

Hi-speed barcode reader (100/second)
Keypad Input

Ergonomic trigger for extended use

trigger sled.png

Health & Safety Compliance

2.   Your Requirements:


Minimum order is 2 scanners for 3 days

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Prices exclude shipping, applicable duties and taxes


Standard is 1 week rental period.

Minimum duration including shipping time is 3 days.

Call us if you have specific requirements.

Rental Kit Size:

Standard kit size in units of 4 with 4-slot cradle/charger.

Minimum kit size is 2 scanners.

Call us if you have specific requirements.

Training and support:

We provide free training and 24/7 help desk.

We setup and ship inventory barcode scanners preconfigured to your requirements.

Reserve your scanners ahead of time:

No obligation reservation ahead of time can be cancelled anytime. Ensure we have scanners when you need them.

Do You Have Specific Requirements?

We develop software for rugged wireless barcode scanners with industrial high speed 1D/2D and QR barcode readers and can simply provide you with a real-time detailed scan log in an Excel spreadsheet, or integrate with

your CRM, accounting, or e-commerce systems.

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