Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Over several years we have developed hundreds of different barcode data collection solutions, from calculating board foot of lumber to tracking patients receiving H1N1 flu shots, we have seen it all. This provides our customers with a depth of technology options and modules to choose from. Our core software and hardware modules can be adapted to fit almost any situation simply and quickly.

With 24/7 Helpdesk support our team is on your side and you can rest assured that an expert is just a phone call away. Get us on your side and we make sure the job gets done.



  • Inexpensive way to prototype a mobile barcode scanning and tracking application

  • No up-front investment in hardware and software and no long-term maintenance costs

  • Very quick turnaround time to deploy a mobile data collection too

Pre-installed Software

Rent a complete solution that includes pre-installed software on a laptop computer and mobile wireless scanners configured and ready to use out of the box. The simplest way to save time and money

We have created solutions for many different industries, including

GMP’s, HACCIP, food safety, sample tracking, lumber board foot calculator

Election canvassing and voter tracking, doctors’ scheduling and hospital billing

Highly efficient and accurate tool for survey data collection

We are capable of delivering professional service on tight deadlines at rates that don’t kill your budget.

Starting at just $175. Contact us today for your free quote!