Attendance Barcode Tracking Solutions | Complete Barcode Rental Kits

Barcode rental kits events and trade shows.

Rent attendance barcode scanners and name badge barcode tracking software in complete and easy to use barcode scanner rental kits.

Track people in, through & out of events and venues Ideal for identifying traffic patterns, work flow and security.

  • Account for all visitor at an event or venue

  • Log time in and out of a venue or facility

  • Analyze length of stay at each room or booth visited

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts

Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners

Rugged handheld and wireless inventory barcode scanners made for warehouses and harsh enviroments

Complete Barcode Rental Kit
Complete Barcode Rental Kit

All the barcode equipment and inventory count barcode software you need for your physical inventory counts

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts


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Event and Venue Visitor Tracking and Detailed Work Flow Analysis

Use a mobile barcode scanner to quickly and accurately scan people in, through and out of
events, venues, buildings and conference centers. Get a detailed work flow analysis of people
through different stages or processes, booths, rooms or locations at an event. Each scan is date
and time stamped allowing you to analyze work flow, highlight bottle necks, giving you the ability
to better plan and optimize resources. Account for all visitors that attend an event for improved
security. To read more about wireless barcode ticket scanning solutions click here.

» Track venue capacity and availability
» Maximize attendance and streamline the process
» Improve efficiency of event registration
» Monitor the peak utilization of a venue/facility
» Simply generate daily report of hourly averages and flow rates
» Identify peak times, low times, average flow and wait times
» calculate the length of stay of each visitor and their route through the event
» Schedule where & when staffs need to be during the event, better managing staffing resources
» Account for all visitors in and out of the venue or event

Out of the box solutions to simplify your life > Simply unpack, turn on and start using

Rent a complete solution that comes with software pre-installed on a laptop computer and rugged wireless barcode scanners configured ready to use out of the box. Get the task done quicker with 4 or more scanners. The simplest way to save time and money!