Fixed Asset Inventory Tracking | Complete Barcode Rental Kits


Barcode rental kits for fixed asset inventory tracking

Rent asset tracking barcode scanners

and asset inventory barcode tracking

software in complete and easy to use

barcode scanner rental kits.

Simple out of the box fixed asset inventory solution.

  • Track each fixed asset through its productive lifecycle.

  • Ownership verification for all your fixed asset.

  • Track furniture, computers and capital equipment.

  • For M&A, audits, insurance, inspections or compliance.

Track and Account for Your Fixed Assets

Track and account for all your assets annually or periodically. Carry out asset inventories on capital equipment, computers and furniture. Simply tag each fixed asset with a unique asset barcode and track detail information on each fixed asset such as complete description, technical details, serial numbers, purchase date, inspections, maintenance etc. You can also assign each fixed assets to a user, company, responsible person, location, department, room and sub-location.

» Quickly and accurately take fixed asset inventories in a variety of environments
» Create initial inventory and verify any data on existing fixed assets
» Assign fixed assets to a user, custodian, department or room
» Manage unlimited fixed assets with technical specifications, financial and engineering fields
» Drop downs list for easy data selections helps maintain consistent data entry
» Import fixed asset data for validation and export exceptions and results
» Correct valuation for insurance purposes thereby minimizing premiums and rates
» Improve property management and ownership Identification
» Effective fixed asset lifecycle management reduce unnecessary capital expenditures

Out of the box solutions to simplify your life > Simply unpack, turn on and start using

Rent a complete solution that comes with software pre-installed on a laptop computer and rugged wireless barcode scanners configured ready to use out of the box. Get the task done quicker with 4 or more scanners. The simplest way to save time and money!

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts

Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners

Rugged handheld and wireless inventory barcode scanners made for warehouses and harsh enviroments

Complete Barcode Rental Kit
Complete Barcode Rental Kit

All the barcode equipment and inventory count barcode software you need for your physical inventory counts

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts


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