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Simplify Attendance Tracking With Barcode Name Badges

Have you ever been to a meeting or continuing education conference and stood in an endless line just to get in the door? Have you been rushed filling out those inevitable forms with name, address, telephone number, email address, license number, etc.?

Paper based forms take time to fill out and are error prone

It’s important to track attendee information especially when those attendees vitally need the continuing education credits to maintain their professional status, but isn’t there a better way than constantly filling out forms? Handwriting is difficult to read, leads to line backups waiting on people to fill forms out, and countless forms are easily lost.

Barcode name badges simplify registration and attendance tracking

Barcode name badges at event
Simplify attendance tracking at your event

What if you could simply us a wireless barcode scanner to scan the barcode on name badge to track the session attended, and the credits earned?

Now that sound like a much better way!

Using barcodes to track continuing education credits

Track Continuing Education Credits Using Barcode Name Badges
Track Continuing Education Credits

Technology now allows you to print a name badge that includes a barcode for each attendee. Once your attendee has their name badge, there’s no standing in line to fill out forms. Simply scan the badge as they walk through the door. The barcode is loaded with all pertinent information about the attendee including any courses or credits the attendee has been assigned. Offering multiple workshops in one location? By scanning the barcode, you will quickly be alerted if an attendee may have confusingly gone to the wrong session. After your event is over, you receive a full Excel spreadsheet detailing everything from attendees names and contact information.

No more losing forms or losing precious course time waiting for attendees to fill out paperwork.

By tracking your attendance with barcode name tags, you can develop a greater understanding of your target audience and better plan your conferences.

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