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Festival Ticket Scanning Made Easy

Festival time: Summertime, Wintertime, all year round!

Beautiful weather and great music make for the most exciting entertainment combination around, no matter the time of year. People love festival events because they offer such a variety of singers and bands. The large crowds these festivals attract can make controlling the gate difficult. Fortunately, you can rent barcode scanners for your festival event, making it easy to validate tickets and admit the ticket holders quickly and smoothly.

Wireless QR code scanners for ticket scanning

Our wireless scanners operate on their own network, so they are immune to overloaded wi-fi and internet crashes that can occur on other systems. Some of the best music festivals take place in isolated areas, so depending on outside networks can be iffy at best. With our scanners, things will go smoothly on the day of the festival. You will be free of the type of technical difficulties that can stop a musical event in its tracks.

Streamline access to your event

With our barcode scanners, you can make certain that only valid ticket holders gain access to the venue. Visually scanning hundreds or thousands of tickets is not practical or effective. The barcode scanner eliminates human error and keeps pesky gate crashers at bay. Organizers can also get all the tracking information they need presented on an Excel spreadsheet, which makes planning future events easier.

We have over thirty years of experience in barcode technology, so you can depend on our products. Renting our equipment is affordable and convenient, and you will have everything you need to run the gate with our small, handheld scanners. Contact us now for more information on our products and services.