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Live Ticket Validation Without the Network

If you’re planning a concert or event at an outdoor venue, you want to know that you’re validating tickets efficiently. The last thing you want is a scanner that breaks down on the day of the big event, leaving you high and dry!

Luckily, we have a wireless QR code ticket solution that will work for you...

QR Code Ticket Scanners
Rent QR Code Ticket Scanners For You Event

Our live QR code ticket validation scanners (which can be used for any event you can imagine) don’t rely on a network connection to work–so you can take them anywhere that you can take your event.

Outdoor concert?

You’re golden. Outdoor sporting event with restricted seating? The scanners go along with you. There’s no need to worry about where you’re going to hook up to the internet, as with many other scanners; instead, you can head out to even the most remote of locations with absolute confidence that your equipment will work the way it needs to.

In today’s new world paper tickets alone just aren’t enough anymore.

You need a QR code ticket validation system that will help ensure that counterfeit tickets don’t get past you–and that people are sitting where they’re supposed to. In a complex arena, it might be hard to locate the seats each individual is supposed to have; but by scanning them into the system, you know that you’re getting everyone to the right place–and those who aren’t supposed to be there are also identified quickly.

Live ticket validation will also help you know how many people are actually attending your event (valuable information in the event of an emergency or to help plan for next year) and help you track which entrances people are most likely to use to help with future crowd control.

Planning a recurrent event?

This information will be valuable as you start to troubleshoot for next year.

Ready to get started setting up ticket validation for your live event?

Contact us to see how we can make the process easier for you than it’s ever been before.