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Why Your Customers Will Love Barcode Ticket Scanners At Your Event

Barcode Ticket Check-In Scanners

With cellphone apps that can deposit checks, function as valid airline tickets, and even scan images and bar codes, we have some of the most advanced technology in the world. And it shows; people are getting used to an unprecedented level of convenience, and anything less won’t satisfy them. So how can you satisfy customers with such high technological expectations? Our barcode ticket scanning system will help you in three ways. You can reduce lines, increase security, and even use the system outdoors.

  1. Reduce lines

Our handheld wireless scanners will allow your agents to scan tickets from a multitude of entry points, rather than requiring customers to wait in one or two long lines. A central database delivers near-instant ticket confirmation, ensuring that customers can move quickly through lines rather than standing and waiting.

  1. Increase security

Your customers will be gratified to learn that no counterfeit tickets can get past your scanners. It may also comfort them to know that, with such efficient and versatile ticket scanning devices, nobody has an excuse to sneak in without a ticket and threaten event security. And if they’re concerned about the safety of the network, you can assure them that the system functions on a secure network all its own, preventing information from being leaked.

  1. Check-in at the gate

Customers who are attending an outdoor event or festival appreciate being able to go straight to the event location and check in at the gate rather than having the additional step of getting their tickets scanned in advance in an unrelated building. Because these scanners operate wirelessly and can even be used in the rain, you’ll be able to provide this additional convenience for customers. Simple things like this often tip the balance from an okay customer service experience to a really great one.

If you’re hosting an outdoor festival or any large event at which attendance, security, and convenience are crucial, contact us today to learn more about your options for festival ticket scanning.