Inventory Barcode Tracking Solutions | Complete Barcode Rental Kits

Barcode rental kits for wireless barcode ticket scanning

Rent ticket barcode and QR Code scanners in complete and easy to use barcode scanner rental kits.

Prevent duplicate tickets, fraud, and unauthorized entry at events. Control access to VIP and restricted areas.

  • Use bar-coded tickets to validate access at events

  • Wireless validation prevents duplicate tickets

  • Real time event counters for security and fire safety

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts

Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rugged Inventory Barcode Scanners

Rugged handheld and wireless inventory barcode scanners made for warehouses and harsh enviroments

Complete Barcode Rental Kit
Complete Barcode Rental Kit

All the barcode equipment and inventory count barcode software you need for your physical inventory counts

Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners
Rent Inventory Barcode Scanners

Complete barcode rental kits for inventory counts


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Wireless Ticket Barcode Scanners And Ticket QR Code Scanners

IScan ticket barcodes at events to increase security and control. The system is easy to use
allows you to use a wireless barcode scanner to scan ticket barcodes at entrances and access
control points in the event. Each barcode scanner communicates in real time with a central
database to check the status of each ticket, and immediately returns a confirmation message to
the scanner. All the wireless barcode scanners have access to the real-time data which prevents
fraud and security breaches. The rental includes wireless access points, and operates within a
private secure wireless network.

» Quickly and accurately account for all tickets and patrons at an event
» All the scanners are in constant communication with a central ticket database
» Confirmation and security messages can be sent to all the scanners in real time
» Prevent the use of duplicate and fraudulent tickets to maximize revenue from the event
» Generate real time event counters for fire safety and security
» Monitor peak times and traffic flows, and assign resources where they are needed
» Control access to restricted and VIP areas, prevent unauthorised entry and security breaches
» The system easy to setup and use, and operates on its own secure wireless network

Out of the box solutions to simplify your life > Simply unpack, turn on and start using

Rent a complete solution that comes with software pre-installed on a laptop computer and rugged wireless barcode scanners configured ready to use out of the box. Get the task done quicker with 4 or more scanners. The simplest way to save time and money!