Why Rent Barcode Scanners?  |  Renting Barcode Scanners Save You Time & Money

Rent Barcode Scanners And Save!

Why spend thousands on replacing old barcode scanners when you can rent wireless QR code and barcode scanners at a fraction of the price?

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Rent Barcode Scanners and Save Money

12 new rugged handheld barcode scanners with barcode software configured correctly and adequate training, costs over $15,000.

Rent a complete kit with 12 rugged wireless handheld barcode scanners for your next inventory count or event for under $400!


Rent Barcode Scanners and Save Time

All-In-One smart barcode rental solutions complete with all the hardware and software you need in a convenient rental kit. Take out the guess work and save your time with our pre-configured barcode solution rental kits. Simply unpack, turn on and start scanning.


Our barcode solutions are intuitive and easy-to-use so new users and volunteers learn quickly. We also offer free training and excellent 24/7 help desk with remote support so you are only a call away from expert help.

Rent Barcode Scanners Made To Fit Your Needs

Turn your vision into reality at a fraction of the cost of a new barcode system.

Our team has several years experience developing and implementing wireless barcode scanner data collection solutions. No matter what your needs, there is a barcode rental solution for you.


Smart Barcode Apps Made For Rugged Handheld Barcode Scanners

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Physical Inventory Counts

Rugged handheld inventory barcode scanner rental solutions for inventory counts save you time and money.

Reliable Ticket QR Code Scanners

Streamline and secure entry to your next event with robust all-in-1 reliable ticket QR barcode scanner solutions. Ask about our complete ticketing solutions for large events.


Name Badge Scanners

A badge barcode scanner makes it easy to track attendance at conferences & seminars. Eliminate messy and illegible sign in sheets for quorums, statutory & regulatory, continuing education credits, certification and more.

Custom Barcode Solutions

If you have your own custom barcode system in mind we can help with that too. We make it easy to rent barcode scanner solutions.

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Save Your Time & Money | Rent Barcode Scanners